About Me

Seeing through the lense of a camera makes the world seem motionless, raw and real. I started with photography so many hundred years ago, and as life changes so the images alter in the world and all around you the only way to make time stand still is to snap that shot and ensure greatness from that captured image… memories, life moments and days you cannot get back are forever at your fingertips.

I am the owner of an I.T Company but am completely passionate in my ability to capture truth and realism of not only my life but everyone around me. To have the opportunity to be there but not be there and have their moments captured for them, no matter the occasion it is. Be it weddings, christenings, sports photography, studio shoots and raw real outdoor life focused photography.

It is what it is…

…or something like this:

Steven Butler Photography was created and born in South Africa, Johannesburg. Not just your ordinary start up… i entered many photographic competitions, done many a party with great DJ’s from South Africa and all over the world, shot at some of the biggest named fitness shows all the way down to weddings and matric dances to mention a few . As I have established a name through the years and have made it one of my priorities to forever capture the moments that mean the most.

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”
— Ansel Adams

“The world of still stories create the pictures for longer admiration and quality to which we live our lives in full and unstoppable motion. I heal through taking photos and if you aren’t healing… You’re dying!!!”